The U.S. "OneRepublic" on the peak of the tops will perform in Siemens Arena in Vilnius

"Performing for a decade, "OneRepublic" managed to create so many hits to their fans worldwide that hardly any other band manages in twice as long. Seems, there's no boys' piece remaining unnoticed. Their newest album, which will be introduced in the concert in Vilnius was well appreciated, too. Gladly, we managed to invite the band enjoying the hall of fame and being at the peak of their career" - says Juras Vėželis, Head of the SEVEN Live – the company that organises the event.

The concert tour is dedicated to the introduction of the 3rd, released in March 2013 and so far the best-evaluated album of "OneRepublic", the "Native". The first single from this album "If I Lose Myself" entered the TOP 10s in many countries, and the third single "Counting Stars" became the most successful among the worldwide introduced in the recent years. Last week, the band introduced one more single – "Love Runs Out", immediately gaining attention from the music critics and group fans.

"Counting Stars" by "OneRepublic":

"Love Runs Out" by "OneRepublic":

The band started its "Native Tour" with concerts in Europe in April the last year. They introduced the fresh concert playlist to the fans in North America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. At first, band intended to arrange 169 concerts within less than 2 years of the tour, but performed more than 130 times during the first 10 months. There are almost 60 concerts of "OneRepublic" announced for the 2014, and the events are constantly added to the schedule.

"OneRepublic" formed up in 2003, representing the flow of bands contrasting in men's emotional vocal, started with "Coldplay". Until now, "OneRepublic" and "Coldplay" are often compared, with much likeness noticed in their pieces.

Peculiarly, "OneRepublic" was noticed by producers in the social network „MySpace“. However, the band came to prominence and became worldwide famous in 2007, when their debut album "Dreaming Out Loud" and single "Apologize" were released. The later peaked to the number one position in tops of 16 countries receiving the "Grammy" nomination. Their 2nd single "Stop and Stare", released from the album, was no less successful. The next album "Waking Up" added 4 more successful pieces to the band's discography: "All the Right Moves", "Secrets", "Marchin On", and "Good Life".

The single "Apologize" by "OneRepublic":

"OneRepublic" recorded a song "Lost Then Found" with Leona Lewis and was invited to open the concerts of "Pink", "Bon Jovi", and "Maroom 5".

Ticket sales to the concert, taking place on November 3rd at Siemens Arena, starts on April 24, 10 a. m. Tickets will be available through "Tiketa".

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