Broadcast phenomenon “Tele bim-bam“ came to its 20-year jubilee

Twenty years, or 313 hours in broadcasting space, 20’000 spectators on direct shooting, over 70 popular songs, six albums, thirty music clips – there is a list of achievements of “Tele bim-bam“, the popular LTV telecast for whole family that celebrates its 20-year jubilee this year.

In course of the preparation for the jubilee, Neringa Čereškevičienė the head of “Tele bim-bam“ group and the presenter of telecasts, remembers the first telecasts that appeared in LTV on 1 January 1990.

“The idea of a telecast for small spectators appeared from a wish to work with talent children to form an entertaining genre that did not exist yet in television. The name of the telecast appeared spontaneously by uniting three keywords: “Tele“ (television), “bim“  (entertainment) and “bam“  (music),” the head of “Tele bim-bam“ says.

First telecasts appeared once a month, later – every other week. For over 10 last years, “Tele bim-bam“ is directly shot. For direct shooting of the telecast, 150 – 200 spectators come every Sunday.  In the beginning, parents came with their children and now the latter come with their children.

For twenty years, “Tele bim-bam“ is one of the most popular telecasts for whole family. In addition to children of various age groups, its spectators include young parents and grandparents.

According to N. Čereškevičienė, a popularity of the telecast within twenty years, is, most probably, predetermined by its effervescent and positive character, inspirational songs and charismatic performers.

In the period of its activities, “Tele bim-bam“ group created over 70 songs; the most popular of them, such as  “Mamos suknelė“ /”The Mummy’s Dress”/, “Pupa“ /”The Bean”/, “Voras“ /”The Spider”/, “Baltoji varnelė“ /”The White Crow”/, “Tilili“, “Naktelės žiedai“ /”The Night Flowers”/, turned into hits and are well-known to every child taking an interest in this telecast. The best songs are collected in six albums; most hits are fixed in video clips as well.

“Tele bim-bam“ was the first Lithuanian company involved in  making music clips for children. Over thirty of them were created within the period of its activities. The group plans to issue one more new album and DVD of music clips of “Tele bim-bam“ before its birthday.

In addition, “Tele bim-bam“ is famous for its impressive birthdays. On occasion of its second birthday, it delivered two concerts at overcrowded halls of Vilnius Sport Palace arranged on the same day. The ten-year jubilee was celebrated by the first national concert of children with a live music group. The concert of “Tele bim-bam“ on occasion of its 15-year jubilee was recognized the best concert of the year on “Siemens” Arena. For its 18-year jubilee, the rock opera “Voro vestuves“ /”The Spider’s Wedding”/ for whole family was presented by “Tele bim-bam“ in cooperation with professionals. At present, “Tele bim-bam“ intensively prepares the anniversary concert to be presented on 2 May on Vilnius “Siemens” Arena.

2010-03-03Broadcast phenomenon “Tele bim-bam“ came to its 20-year jubilee
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